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∗∗ Client Testimonials ∗∗ 

"Although the pain, I found serenity, clarity and inner power"

"Given that I was dealing with cancer I was eager to find professional emotional support, which in my

eyes was a significant aspect of the healing process.

When I first met Joan I was extremely skeptical. Nevertheless, I trusted her and the intensive

process she guided me through. The journey was amazing!

Joan helped me identify, acknowledge and let go of the huge inner pain I had been hanging

on to. Once that was resolved I found serenity, clarity and tremendous inner power.

Thank you!" Michal

"Shortly after the onset of therapy I could vividly feel significant relief"

"I was terribly confused. I wanted to reopen my heart and change many of my thought patterns

so I could move myself into a healthier space. Shortly after the onset of therapy, I could vividly feel

significant relief. As the process progressed, I gradually felt better and better.

Joan is extremely experienced. She is patient, wise and has a great sense of humor. Even when I

presented complex conflicts, she always found a way to show me a more simple and placated

perspective. I'm glad I trusted my gut feeling when turning to her for guidance.

Thank you for everything". Idan

"You opened my eyes to where I was improsined"

"There is no question that meeting you was extremely significant. You taught me how to listen to my

body. You opened my eyes to where I was imprisoned in old patterns and helped me set myself free"


"Anxiety and panic attacks fell away"

“I came to Joan following prostate surgery. I had prominent urinary incontinence,

accompanied by terrible anxiety, that the incontinence would continue indefinitely. That, in addition to a

financial crisis I was dealing with, that caused considerable financial loss. Fear of the unknown hit me

hard. I froze. I couldn’t think straight or make decisions. I was totally dysfunctional. Three sessions that

included profound questions and homeopathic remedies, got me back on track within twenty-four

hours. The anxiety dissolved, my mental capacity was restored, and the urinary incontinence was down

90% within a week, despite the medical prognosis – predicting that it would take anywhere between two

months to a year for the urinary incontinence to gradually subside." Itzhak

"Fear of my physical condition disappeared. I am happy now"  

"Therapy with you is like drilling into rock.

You drilled deep into the rock I can be, no compromising, never letting me get away.

Throughout the years I did many things to avoid dealing with unpleasant situations. You didn't

let me get away or get off track. I liked your focus and determination. What I can say is that there is

something very "on the dot" in your work. Changes happen, although I didn't always fully understand

how they happened. The fears I had regarding my physcial condition disappeared. I am happy

now." Ora

"Skepetical? I warmly recommend you just try"

"I was upset, angry and had a variety of physcial symptoms, but mostly I was skeptical.

Forced to choose between surgery and homeopathic remedies, I chose the remedies, but

was sure that I would live to regret it. Noticable change was apparent shortly after I started

taking the remedy. I cancelled surgery and continued therapy with Joan to full recovery. As a

former skeptic, I warmly recommend other skeptics that they at least give it a try." Iris

"Although I'm typically "in-the-head", I found myself in a fascinating

process that facilitated real change"

"Although I'm a "in-the-head" type of person, needing everything to be intellectually

reasonable and logical, preferably scientifically based, I found myself in a fascinating and

exciting process that facilitated real change." Maya

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